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With all the AXZD plan pricing discussion going on, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what the actual numbers should be and whether we can rely on dealerships for accurate calculation. Most of the confusion comes from the fact that we have had access to the ST's base vehicle and option invoice prices since before pre-orders started. Many got those numbers in their head and then show up at the dealership and get confronted with a different invoice price that includes "ADV ASSESSMENT" and "FUEL CHARGE" and "DEST AND DELIV" charges. Here's the deal: those are apparently a required part of what Ford terms "DEALER INVOICE". And it is "DEALER INVOICE" that is used to calculate the X plan pricing we're all so interested in. So here's how the math works:

Dealer Invoice = Base vehicle invoice price + option invoice prices (- option invoice discount price) + FUEL CHARGE + ADV ASSESSMENT + DEST AND DELIV

Some notes:

1. The FUEL CHARGE charge seems to be consistent as $47.16 according to all the ST VOCs I've seen.

2. The ADV ASSESSMENT charge appears to vary regionally, usually in the $400-$450 range.

3. DEST AND DELIV charges are fixed at $795.

4. It appears that if you are shown a VEHICLE ORDER CONFIRMATION (VOC) sheet by a dealer showing the DEALER INVOICE calculations and AXZD pricing plans, you can take those as being reliable.

If you're looking for more specific information on X plan pricing, please check the other threads specifically about them. But for reference, here is the math according to Ford:


Also note that X plan fixes "doc fees" to a maximum of $100 according to Ford's X plan pricing agreement, which states: said:
Document Fees
Dealers will be permitted to assess up to $100 in documentary fees on each delivery to an eligible purchaser under the terms of the Plan, unless otherwise provided by state or local laws or regulation. Each dealer is responsible for complying with applicable laws or regulations.

Unless otherwise provided by state or local laws or regulation: In states where dealers are not permitted to charge as much as $100 for doc fees, dealers would be capped at the lesser amount as provided by the state. In states that permitted more than $100, dealers would be permitted to charge the Plan customer $100. In states that permitted more than $100 and also required that all customers be charged the same amount, dealers may charge the Plan customer $100 and indicate any additional fees have been paid by Ford Motor Company as part of the AXZD-Plan Program dealer reimbursement on the buyer's order.

Doc Fee Charges should be detailed on the AXZD Plan Pricing Agreement located in number 4.
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