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So do you want Mudflaps but do not want to spend all the money for them? Try out this easy project and easily save half the money.

You can find all these materials at pretty much any hardware store. TrueValue for sure has it. All the materials can pretty much be had for $50. If you choose not to use stainless it is just under $30.

12- #6-32 Thread Clips (aka Speed Nuts)
4- #6-32x70mm Stainless Steel Bolts (If you do not want stainless regular bolts will work.)
8- #6-32x50mm Stainless Steel Bolts
14- 1/4" Fender Washers
At least 1 Foot of 3/8" Rubber Airline
Enough Mudflap material to make 4 Flaps also you can choose your color. Truck Stops carry them IF YOU BUY 30" LONG FLAPS BUY 2. YOU NEED A TOTAL OF AT LEAST 28" TO HAVE SQUARE ENDS.. For instance:
24"W x 36"L Black Poly Mud Flap (EA) |
24"W x 30"L Red Poly Mud Flap (EA) |
24"W x 30"L White Poly Mud Flap (EA) |
24"W x 30"L Dark Blue Poly Mud Flap (EA) |

To do this the way i have you do not need to remove the rear tires unless you choose to.

Step 1: Cut Mudflaps
The easiest way i have found to cut these mudflaps is with a table saw. First off make sure you are using Proper Safety Equipment. I/ are not responsible for any damage/harm you may do. Set your table saw up to get the 4 top holes off the flap (Should be about 1 1/2") Then cut the rounded bottom corner off (Should be a little under 3" Measure twice cut once!!)

After you cut those pieces off set your table saw to 14" and cut the flap down the same way you cut the 4 holes off. Do this twice to get 2 14" tall pieces. Then set your table saw to 10 1/2". Cut the 14" sections down to make a total of 4- 14x10.5" flaps.

Step 2:
Download this template and print out. Cut out the 3 squares with a exacto knife or a razor blade

Step 3: Lay the template on your flaps and mark. NOTE ON THE REAR FLAPS YOU WILL NEED TO MEASURE APPROXIMATELY 2" FROM THE SIDE OF THE FLAP AND MARK!! If you wish to have your flaps in towards the center of the car more adjust the template to your liking. You can also have them stick out farther from the car too if you desire.

Step 4: Using a Dremel with a Drill Bit attachment slowly cut out the holes you marked on the mudflaps (Take your time and be patient with it if your holes do not look perfect don't fret the fender washers will cover it up.

Step 5: After you have your flaps cut out and holes cut its time to install. On the Front you will need to remove the 3 fasteners going into the fender. Pull the liner forward enough for you to install the Spring Nuts. After those are on get out for shorter bolts and put 1 Fender washer on the head side of the bolt and start installing the flap on the car. Tighten just enough so you can make fine adjustments on the flap. Once you are satisfied with the fit finish tightening the bolts down. (I find a ratcheting wrench works best.)

For the rear you need to remove 2 Torx Screws closest to the outside of the bumper. Remove the factory spring nuts with a flat head screwdriver (keep them if you like.) Install the new spring nuts in their place. You will place a 3rd Spring Nut on the little hole closest to the center of the car on the felt fender liner. Take the rubber air line and cut approximately 1 1/2" out (maybe more or less depending on your preference. Prep your longer bolts. It will go Fender washer then flap then another fender washer on the bolt. Then slide your airhose spacer over the bolt and start threading into the Nut. Once all 3 bolts are in make your adjustments to the flap and finish tightening down. The Airhose will act as compressible spacer once you tighten it down.

Congratulations you have finished making and installing your own flaps. If you choose to do so you can put stickers on them too sort of how RockBlock does.

Feel free to ask any questions about this and share your final products.

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