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Just wanted to release our first official tune. After months of testing and tweaking the available tables we have come up with a finalized tune.Well, first you might want to know what the Stage 1.5 consists of. Its quite simple: Down Pipe and our CAI System. The reason we went for this was to yield as much usable power without going full on Stage 2 with the associated expense involved. This system was coupled along with the factory exhaust. Was we learned is that we still managed great spool with the addition of the downpipe while not over whelming the flow of the stock exhaust system. As far as IAT's went we managed to fall in right at the limit of the stock FMIC while not getting hit with excessive amounts of knock correction due to high IAT's. This tune will be included with each COBB AP purchased from us.

Elements to the Tune:
  • 93 Octane
  • Compared to Associated COBB OTS Map
  • EFI Logic 3" Downpipe
  • EFI Logic 3" CAI (Cold Air Intake)
  • $449 Free Next Day Shipping With our Map Included
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