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I found this on, but Ford EU might be telling more than Ford NA. However, according this the source, we could see the Fiesta ST late 2012? So a 2013 Ford Fiesta ST with a 1.6L EcoBoost I4 with 178HP!

"The launch timing, at the end of 2012, will coincide with the Fiesta’s mid-life refresh, which will bring mild styling tweaks and readjusted specs and trim."

It sounds promising for sure. It would make sense to have include the Fiesta ST to Fords stable.

2012-ford-fiesta-st-4.jpg 2012-ford-fiesta-st-2.jpg

Ford Fiesta ST coming late 2012: report | Car Advice | Reviews
Ford Fiesta ST - new pics -

FordFiestaST_07 copy.jpg
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I have been all about the focus st but lately i have been thinking about waiting for the fiesta st to come out as well and compare the two before i pick one, its a tough decision
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