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First "new" car. Too afraid to start prying pieces off [2015 Focus Titanium Help]

I'm already missing the abundance of documentation on my '97 Sable. I recently made an Arduino audio visualizer that does different colors for different audio frequencies.
I wanted to just tap it off the audio outputs of the stereo, but QUICKLY found this is going to be a project.
I read through your thread here covering 2013 Sony wiring, along with SGPs successive installation, but I'm having problems just accessing the Sony amp.
In all the documentation I've read, there's two screws under a piece of plastic to remove the stereo console, but on my 2015 Titanium, the passenger airbag indicator is located here.

Any direction to access the amp? I've only done an aux input mod on that '97, and the car stereo companies I've contacted so far have refused to do the output port installation, probably due to the Sony fickleness.

Thanks for the knowledge so far!

EDIT: 2 days into reading it, and I just now saw the (Left Luggage Compt Floor) on the first link that was completely accurate. I'm optimistic, but would still appreciate any input.
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