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Will you want Bi-Xenon's?

  • I can buy them later, or aftermarket

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  • I will put HID's reflector lamps

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Since the L.A. Auto show, we have seem a lesser Focus ST and the concept/production model. We've seen it, the orange car with sexy projector headlamps with LED day time running lights. And the blue car with the normal lights. To me, those projector lamps make the car look REAL good.

Reflector Lamps
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Auto show
Projector Lamps
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Headlamp


So are you willing to pay $1000 more for this option. We can only assume it will included in a package upgrade, that only goes into the Focus ST3 trim.

Pre-Focus ST Trims:
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Vote. I am willing to spend what I need to buy it. But I don't know if I will fork it over. I might decided to go ST1, and then buy the projectors later on.


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