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cp-e FFSTWBM2 Focus ST 2013-2014 xFlex Stage2 Rear Motor Mount

Kelly from cp-e was here to show us their xFlex Stage2 Rear Motor Mount fitting the 2013-2014 Focus ST. cp-e's rear motor mount is a complete redesign from most motor mounts we have seen.

cp-e uses an EDPM bushing. An EDPM bushing has a much higher density and temperature tolerance.

The factory design for the rear motor mount is a horizontally mounted design which allows too much stress from side-to-side. cp-e created this completely new vertically mounted rear motor mount, thus nearly eliminating all horizontal stress.

If you are looking for great performance and handling out of your Focus ST, than check out this xFlex Stage 2 Rear Motor Mount from cp-e.

For more cp-e products available at Spool Tuning check out:
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