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Focus ST Eibach Sportline Coil Springs Installation Video 2013

4.14035 Mustang Eibach Coil Spring Sportline Set Focus ST 2013 | CJ Pony Parts

Eibach's Sportline Coil Spring Set will equip your 2013 Focus ST with race car like handling for maximum street performance. With Sportline Coil Springs, you will achieve the lowest possible drop, yet maintaining the exceptional ride quality you expect from Eibach. You will be able to stop quicker, corner faster, gain better MPG, and dramatically reduce squat during acceleration.

For installation, you'll first access and loosen the strut tower. Then, remove the wheel and disconnect and remove the strut, following Bill's instructions in the install video. After this, you'll disassemble the strut, removing the original spring and spring dust boots. Then, install the new Eibach spring and dust boot on the spring, along with the bump stops included in the set.

Return the strut to your Focus and reinstall all bolts and brackets, reconnect the sway bar and ABS sensor, and then repeat this process on the other side. Resecure your wheels and reassemble your strut tower and cowl.

Next, you'll work on you rear springs, which are a lot less involved. Remove the bolt pointed out by Bill, which holds the perch in place, allowing you to access the rear spring. Remove the spring and bump stop, and then secure the new bump stop and new Eibach spring. Next, return the perch and bolt and then complete this process on the other side. Total installation takes around three hours.

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