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Focus ST Niche Targa Wheel 18"x8" +40 Offset Matte Black With Tinted Face Accents Focus ST 2013-2014 | CJ Pony Parts

These are the Niche 18" x 8" Matte Black Targa Wheel with Tinted Face Accents and +40 Offset for 2013 and 2014 Focus STs. 18" x 8" Niche Targa wheels will make your Focus ST look like one of a kind. Designed with a +40mm offset, the Targa wheel fits the 2013-2014 Focus ST perfectly. Ten spokes extend from the center to the outer edge of the wheel creating a nice concave profile. Spokes touch the outside lip of the wheel then extend inwards on the barrel stopping at a step towards the middle of the wheel. This one-piece, cast aluminum 18" x 8" wheel has a monoblock look without a lip. The open style wheel shows off large brakes extremely well. The face of the spokes are machined with a dark tint. The rest of the wheel is painted matte black. Niche engraves their logo in the outer edge of the wheel and completes the look with a Niche center cap. Best of all, this Niche wheel is the same size as the factory Focus ST wheel.

Wheel Information
Size: 18" x 8"
Lugs: 5-Lug
Finish: Matte Black with Tinted Face Accents
Offset: +40mm

This Niche wheel requires small diameter, tuner style lug nuts. Larger OEM style lug nuts will NOT work.

The Targa wheel is part of Niche's Sport Series which features cast aluminum monoblock construction without a lip. Spokes extend from the center to the outer edge of the wheel allowing maximum concavity, aggressive staggered fitments and room for large caliper upgrades. Niche offers their 18 x 8" cast wheels at an affordable price while retaining the high quality Niche is known for. Niche offers the same wheels for Focus STs that are found on many high end super cars. Aggressive styling and high quality manufacturing processes keep Niche one step ahead of the game.

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