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21-11025-02 Mustang Redline Tuning Hood Strut Kit QuickLIFT Plus Bolt-In Focus ST 2013-2014 | CJ Pony Parts

This Redline Tuning Bolt-In QuickLIFT Plus Hood Strut Kit is for 2013-2013 Focus ST and will eliminate the need for your old, obtrusive prop rod. With this new hood strut, all you have to do is simply start to lift your hood and let the QuickLIFT system take over. The hood struts will lift and firmly hold the hood at it's raised position.

For installation, begin by removing the two nuts for the hood hinge and install the new bracket underneath. Then, install the fender mount bracket with the stud facing the engine bay, and reroute the hose for the windshield washers on the passenger's side.

Next, install the strut on both sides and clearance the strut where it will clash with the plastic from your engine bay. Lastly, remove the factory prop rod and your installation is finished in about 15 minutes.

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