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2013 Ford Focus ST Wagon Spied; Still Not Coming Here
Gallery: 2013 Ford Focus ST Wagon Spied; Still Not Coming Here - Photo Gallery of Future Cars from Car and Driver - Car Images

This past weekend we stumbled across a 2013 Ford Focus ST wagon prototype, and so naturally our love of wagons—especially of the hot, turbocharged variety—kicked in and we snapped us some photos. The ST wagon debuted last year alongside the five-door hatchback that we’ll be getting here in the U.S. Unfortunately, the ST wagon’s inherent coolness doesn’t change the fact that we won’t be getting it—only Europeans will be able to taste this forbidden fruit.

This tired wagon test mule sports a menagerie of assorted Focus parts, including non-ST “Titanium” badging and 18-inch wheels. However, the ST-specific front fascia, body kit, six-speed manual shifter, and center-exit rear exhaust betray its true identity. If you’re holding out hope that this ST wagon potentially has a future in our market because it was spotted in Michigan, allow us to drop the proverbial wet blanket on that idea. Automakers routinely test models destined for other markets in the States, so spotting this long-roofed ST on Midwestern pavement isn’t earth-shattering stuff.

That’s a shame, because as much as we look forward to driving the ST hatch that goes on sale this fall, we’d love to have a crack at the wagon version. We were recently taken for a ride in a pre-production ST prototype in Europe and determined that it should match up nicely with Volkswagen’s GTI, the hot-hatch segment benchmark. The production ST wagon will be nearly identical to the turbocharged ST five-door, save for being slightly longer and able to carry more stuff. It will be powered by the same 247-hp, 2.0-liter turbo four as the hatch, and will be available exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission at launch.

We only wish Ford wouldn’t tease us with stuff like this—although we may weep gently if the company decides to give the ST wagon the full-race ST-R treatment.

Oh yeah... why would they tease us... cruel...
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