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Given the same tire (215-50-r17) which rim would have better performance 7x17 or 7.5x17 ?

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I have some winter tires which are relatively new but was running 7.5x17 aftermarket rims and thought they were ok as my winter set up, however the city laid a metal plate over a hole on the street (water main fixing I guess) but had no pylons around it and it stuck up a good 3 or 4 inches (aprox) and I hit it at maybe 50kph.
Needless to say I think my tires are ok but I definitely have bent wheels on that side of the car.
I can get them repaired but that will be about $300 for the pair on the side to be repaired and that would just be to straighten them out, not buff out all the winter scratches etc. These are the 5 spoke sport tuning 7.5x17 rims

I found some other Ford Escape wheels in good condition that are also 5 spoke design and probably would look ok as winter wheels and meet the specs, but they are 7x17 (and also about $300 for a set of 4)

Now I am probably going to go with the Escape wheels mostly for cosmetic reasons, but would there be any real difference in handling between the 7x17 rim vs the 7.5x17 rim on a 215-50-r17 tire?

The tires are the Toyo Observe Gsi-6 HP (winter performance) which have specs approving for 6.0-(7.0)-7.5 rims so they would both work, I just get a lot of dry roads in winter so do often get the chance for some fun corners so just wondering given the same tire, would there really be much of a noticeable difference in handling between the 7.5" and the 7" width rims
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