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Hello, 2 days ago i recived error on my screen, as the title says it was "Headlamp malfunction, service required". Im driving 2017 Focus ST3 with HID headlights. I noticed that my passenger side headlight cant adjust itself. Lights are working fine, the right one is pointed a bit to the right and down. Left one is adjusting as before. Only problem that is noticable with this error, for me, is malfuction of right full beam which I assume that is "safety feature" for avoiding potentionally blinding light for other drivers due to wrong lamp position.
I checked fuses, disconnected lights an put some contact spray, restarted car (battery disconnect) and nothing helps. Also i booked appointment with my dealer but i have to wait because of holidays.
If someone has some addvice, that would be much appriciated. Here is a short video link of my issue. Focus ST3 bixenon
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