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Short/TL;DR Version:

I am a Honda guy that is sick of Honda making stupid decisions and now I want a Focus ST. :yay:

Here's the long version:

My family has always been a Ford family and my first car was a hand-me-down 1988 Ford Escort LX Wagon, white w/red cloth seats... and god I HATED that car. Drove like s___ and it almost got me killed twice in the rain. After a year with that, I knew two things with absolute certainty: 1.) I would learn to drive stick, and 2.) I would never drive a Ford again. :D

Learning how to drive a manual on my friend's Integra sent me down the Honda path...

1989 Honda Accord LXi Coupe (from 105,000 to 169,000 miles)
Black w/tan cloth, 5-speed manual

1997 Honda Prelude (from 8,000 to 70,000 miles)
Black w/black cloth, 5-speed manual

2004 Acura TSX (from 4 to 84,000 miles as of today)
Carbon gray w/gray leather, 6-speed manual w/navigation

I have loved every one. The Accord was the car I really consider my first car. High mileage and never needed a repair. The Prelude always felt like it was ahead of it's time. Every time I see the FR-S/BRZ twins mentioned all I can think is "4-cyl, no turbo, under 3,000 lbs, and 200 hp? Honda, where's my Prelude?!" (OK, I know, I know,the twins have RWD, but still!). And the TSX was love at first sight. I was broke for two years after buying it new and it was worth every penny. Though I wish I had held out for blue, gray became so common in the late 2000s.

Now it's 2012...

It has been at least five years since Honda/Acura have made a car that liked, much less could see myself driving. I drove a 2010 TSX for a couple of days back when it was new... My TSX was in for it's only repair so far (juuust made it under extended warranty! boo yaa!) and they gave me a new TSX as a loaner. It was miserable. Numb steering, cheap plastic interior, heavy feeling, poor visibility, sluggish performance. They took everything I loved about my car and dumped it. The only thing they got right were the seats which were quite comfortable.

I could probably get several more years out of my TSX, buuuuut it's not quite cutting it. I have a wife and daughter, the t-shaped trunk with the smallish pass-through to the back seat is annoying with a stroller, groceries, kiddie gear, etc. And it needs some work: transmission is acting up, needs some break work, it is ominously running low on oil occasionally, etc. And frankly? After 8 years, it's boring!

I want a hatchback, with more oompf and a manual transmission (because STICK FOR LIFE!). Looked at a few of the usual suspects from import land -- Mazdaspeed3 (neat car, but I can't get past the happy face Mazda styling), GTI (nice, a close runner up, but I hear a lot of horror stories from my friends that drive VWs), and the WRX (love it! but the interior is ugh) -- but haven't been convinced.

Enter the ST...

I have to say, from everything I've seen/read, it has to be just about the perfect car. It has every feature I want, looks fantastic, and it seems like a bargain at its price point for all you get. But more than that, for the first time in years, I am genuinely excited to check a car out. I'm dying to check one out up close. I'm still about six months away from being ready to pull the trigger (financially), but if I had the cash I think I would be pre-ordering today.

So that brings me here!

Hi! :D
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