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Hello folks. Looking forward to the arrival of my ST. Ordered an ST3 in performance blue though I think I am going to change it to TS. I didn't get as good a deal as many of you MSRP-$800. Either I am a terrible negotiator or all the dealers in the San Francisco area suck. Many weren't interested in anything below MSRP.

Been driving an econobox lately but before that absolutely loved my RX7 Turbo and drove it into the ground. Before the RX7 I drove a 1967 ROVER TC 2000 and a 1970 ROVER P6. The P6 was a pretty interesting beast with an aluminum V8 that they bought from Buick. Spent a lot of time rebuilding and working on those three. Before the British phase I loved my Ford Gran Torino with a 351 Cleveland. Couldn't really keep that beast on the road unless it was straight but it provided a great kick in the pants. :yay:

This may be old news but I just noticed that Top Gear states the ST gets 39.2 UK MPG which is 32.6 US MPG. Not sure how they do testing in the UK though.

Focus ST to start from £22k - BBC Top Gear
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