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Hey Everyone!

Happy to be the first subscriber from Oregon!

I currently have a '95 Taurus SHO MTX and a '96 F250 7.3 PSD SCAB SB 4x4 5-spd. Both are great vehicles and have treated me well! I've owned the SHO for close to 12 years and it currently has about 160K on it. I have owned the F250 for about 5 years and it is just about to turn 170K.

I'm to the point where I really want a new vehicle, but I haven't quite yet decided if I want to replace the SHO with a new Focus ST when they come out or the F250 with a new F350 6.7 PSD SCREW. I do need both a car for commuting and a big truck for camping and towing my trailer, so I can't just have one vehicle (unless I want to spend a fortunate on diesel for my daily commute!).

I have been following updates on the ST for the past year and have been anxiously awaiting to drive one. They look like they are going to be awesome cars, and I'm hoping April 2nd will bring more information from Ford as well as the "Build and Price" option on their website!

I look forward to posting more on this forum and am crossing my fingers I win the $500M Mega Millions jackpot this Friday so I don't have to make a choice on what to buy, as I can just buy both! :D

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Lol jackpot!

Welcome. And thanks for joining

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