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Hey guys and gals, thanks for providing a great source of specs, updates, and all around kind gestures towards the ST. I have been waiting for the release of this vehicle for many many months now and am very glad to see it's success thus far. This site was a great source of any and all updates during our wait and i would like to thank the community for all the updates and keeping me up at night thinking about this car! (Kinda sad, i know) I can not wait to purchase my own 8 months from now, the waits gonna kill me, however well worth it. I was able to test the Focus ST and i must say i am VERY VERY impressed with the control, grip, take off, and all around pick through every gear. That's a little background about me for this car, cant wait to get behind the wheel again!

One thing i would like to mention, and i feel like this is a great place full of car enthusiast in general, is in the summer of 2013 i plan on taking my new car on a week and a half long road trip. I plan on driving through Canada, and begin in New York. Then following the entire east coast to Key West. Making plenty of stops for sights and such on the way. I would most likely stay in Florida for a 2 days as well. I would love to meet up with any one interested on the way or even have them join me! A buddy of mine will be accompanying me (driving a 2006+? Mitsubishi Eclipse) along with a couple other friends. I was Going to Blog my entire trip and have a couple videos to go with the blog every night. Like i said though its not for a while. please let me know if your interested in meeting up next summer! Or Joining us for the drive!
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