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Hi I'm Carl, but most people know me as Chilliman...something about spicy foods? I don't know what they're on about - they seemed like pretty mild peppers to me.

Anyway, after owning various Fords over the years (mostly Aussie Falcons, cause I am from the land down-under) I have found the utility of hatchbacks very appealing. My current Honda Jazz (I think you guys call it the Fit?) is a very handy city run about - which is great seeing that I live and work in the city, but it's also pretty gutless.

So I want my next car to combine the practicality of hatchback with a good dose of power and performance. I've looked at Subaru WRX's and Golf GTi's but the Ford badge keeps drawing me back and I've sampled the previous Focus ST (which we call an XR5) but I'm keen on finding out what the new one is all about before I make a final decision.

My previous Fords:

1976 XB Falcon V8 sedan (think a sedan version of Mad Max's coupe)
1981 XD Falcon straight six sedan
1995 EF Falcon XR6 (ohc injected straight six)

I had the XR6 for 13years before I sold it and bought a Subaru Liberty (I think you call these Legacy?) which I still have.

So far this site seems to be the most informative of all the sites I've visited, good enough infact for me to want to join.



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Hi there and welcome!

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