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Hi Everyone!

My Name is Matt. I came to this forum, much like you, to look for updates on the Focus ST! I've been looking for a new car the past couple years. I currently drive a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. Its been a trusty steed (well, not so much the last couple years) But it's time to move on. I was pretty set on getting a WRX. I've test driven it 3 times. The car is great, but I haven't been able to pull the trigger. The gas mileage just sucks in it. It's a great car, and the AWD is nice, but I live in SoCal, don't really need it. So I've looked at others like the GTI, but honestly just don't like the styling of it. So that lead me here. I sat in an ST at the LA auto show and really liked it. I would love to drive one.

I'm an active triathlete, so I need a car that I can put my bike in (no way am i putting my expensive Tri-bike on the roof!) So basically this is what I need.

Can fit my bike
not horrible gas mileage (certainly don't need a prius though)
Powerful (LA drivers are horrible, I gotta be able to get out of the way!)

So yeah, ST seems pretty ideal. Anyhoo, that's me. Hi Everybody!


P.S. Hurry up Ford! My car is only gonna last so much longer!

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Nice Matt. Well, welcome :welcome:

Thanks for joining!

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