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First off let me say sorry for my abrupt disappearance from the community. While going into the end of last year and into the beginning of the new year I had planned on being off to take care of some family business. What I had not planned on was getting ill that would require me to take off another 3 weeks immediately.

I know I may of had contact with some of you in my brief return in January and then I dropped off the face of the earth and I apologize for that. I ended up being diagnosed with a severe lung and sinus infection all brought on by complications from my COPD exacerbation that I had been fighting though prior to that. The doctor immediately pulled me from work until I was cleared to finally come back yesterday.

So I ask that you guys give me sometime to get caught up on all the emails I have on top of all the forum PM's and any other things that have may of piled upon my desk over the last month. I will get to them all as fast as I can. In the mean time if you have any questions or issues please use our Chat Feature on the main website until I get caught back up.

Thank You,
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