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Hey what’s going on guys, I’m from Clovis, CA, and about to jump into the ST world as soon as I find the right car.

I have a performance fabrication and manufacturing shop in Clovis, CA, Built Industries Inc. I also own a sister company Finishline Speed Supply Inc., which is a small speed shop I run with a buddy in the same building.

My background is in high performance exhaust systems for exotic super cars and racing applications, but I’m looking to change things up a bit. These little ST’s seem like a cool change of pace that I can possibly enjoy a bit, maybe design some cool parts that I can personally abuse instead of just watching from the side lines!

I haven’t participated in forums in a long time, so let me know what the best sections to follow are that might be up my alley. I also set up an account on and FocusFanatics for those of you that jump around. 👍

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