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I want to keep this forum clean. The point of this forum is to follow your Focus ST or Fiesta ST from ordering/purchase to your daily use. Basically you only get 1 thread about your ST. Obviously, if you own two ST you will be able to maintain two threads.

Post your My ST link in your signature :)

Things you might post in your MY ST thread?
  • Pictures
  • Ordering Guide
  • Purchase price/financing
  • Options
  • List of Modifications

Formatting Guidelines:

The thread title should include your user name, color, and model.

If you have a nickname for you ST, then you can place it in the title as well

For Example if I purchased a red Focus ST, ST3 package. My nickname for my ST is monster red

Chad's Race Red Focus ST3 - "Monster Red"

My ST Basic Rules
  1. ONLY ONE thread per ST
  2. It can be 2014 Fiesta ST, 2013 Focus ST, 2009 Focus RS, or a Focus SVT
  3. Keep all Pictures and information in the first post of the thread. So we don't have to look in the thread to see your changes
Please follow the formatting guidelines, and rules. Anyone not following the post format will get a PM from me to fix it.
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Not open for further replies.