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Alright ladies and gents. I bought myself one of these here shift cable bushings from a few weeks ago to Guinea pig them on my 2012 S Sedan 5spd. I know it's not an ST, HOWEVER, this bushing will fit in not one location (as advertised) but two! (If you guys didn't know that already.)
New bushing on the left, reused piece on the right.

To my knowledge I'm the first one to install one in this location on a N/A Mk3.

This connection is exactly the same in the ST to my knowledge so I thought I'd bring my review to the turbo side of the fence so you guys can get in on this.

I've been on a pretty long drawn out quest to reduce shifter slop (as I know many of you others are as well). I started with the steeda tri-ax shifter then installed the trans bracket. I still wasn't satisfied and got my hands on some JBR solid shift base bushings (huge difference) and was very happy but there was still some left over slop.

I did some research, saw these posted somewhere and decided to try them out.

Install was simple if not rather difficult due to the tightness of the fit but with some assistance from a fellow fanatic that I work with and some grease and a giant pair of pliers we got it seated properly and the difference was instantly noticeable.

I've got one more to install on the transmission side yet but my shift slop is almost completely gone. I'm expecting it to be nonexistent when I install the next one.

I've already put it through its paces several times and checked it each day since I installed it and it hasn't backed itself out at all so there's no worry there. So far I'm incredibly happy! I know it's just a little bushing for such a long review and a lot of excitement but they're awesome and I wanted to let everyone know!
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