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We have finalized our new shift knob design:

Single engraved w/ :ST: logo

Red Logo

Double engraved w/ :ST: and Shift Pattern

Eyewear Hair Face Chin Forehead

Here is the finalized product beside our current round knob for comparison

Sphere Metal Silver Silver Ball

They will be available in Gold, Red, Blue, Black, and Clear anodizing

Our round knob is 183g and this new knob as pictured is 294g

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Hey guys!

Our new shift knob design is now available in the Breedt Product Design store. (on the third page of the slider, top left)

Games Dice Dice game Indoor games and sports Recreation

These are for the Ford Focus ST and Ford Fiesta ST. The specs are:

2-1/8” dia
2-5/8” height
Weight is: .67 lbs / 305 grams
Listing price: $75

These have a heavier feel and sleek shape

Tire Automotive wheel system Rim Automotive tire Metal

Tire Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Gear shift Rim


They are offered in Black, Blue, Clear, and Red

They are available to purchase, just put desired color in the 'Notes' box at purchase until the drop down menu is available.

Thanks for the patience!
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