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Aussie ST Owner after audio install advice

happy and proud new owner 2013 ST MK3 from Melbourne, Australia urgently requiring upgrade from stock sony sound system to complete my ST experience.
i have reasonable quality gear i've pulled out of my 99 rolla-

- boston acoustics SR50 front splits
- rockford fosgate 2ch punch amp for splits
- alpine type r boxed sub
- alpine monoblock for sub
- alpine CDA-117E HU

Looking to install the above in my new ST at minimal cost / fuss with an emphasis on maximum SQL. Happy to forego alpine HU and stick with stock HU for now if installing alpine HU will cause headaches.

Main priority is removal or bypass of stock sony amp and speakers because they have no balls and sound like pus. I like my music loud but not doof doof loud and emphasise sound quality above all else. I play most of my music from 160gb ipod classic majority content flac converted to apple lossless listen to all types of music regularly but preference for the rock punk and metal variety.

Car purchase has wiped out my free cash in the short term so looking to get this done on a budget but happy to fork out cash now for something that can't easily be upgraded later.

i'm pretty much clueless on this install and have employed pro installers previously but looking at possibilty of a DIY job with help from mates coz the quotes i got for pro install are ridiculous.
any words of advice muchly appreciated.

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