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Leaking turbo

Hey Everyone,

I know this thread is a bit old but I too have an oil leak at the turbo but my problem is it's a Mountune MRX turbocharger with only about 30k on it. I brought it up to a local tuner to have him diagnose the issue (which I trust but they don't work on many turbos, but they do put 1200hp turbo kits on Z51 and Z06 Corvettes so i know they have experience with turbochargers) well the guy calls me and says the internal seals in my turbo are leaking. Well freak me. Now I have to decide if I go back to the stock turbo or replace the whole flipping' thing because I've been told the tuner cannot find a local shop that will rebuild the MRX turbocharger. :serious:

You can see the burned oil at the lower bolt near the oil feed line.
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