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Hey guys!

I had my fiesta st for 9 months now and have loved every minute! The only issue i have is a little gear box noise but other that is been the best go-kart i have ever had! With 15000 mi on the odometer its almost time for tires being i drive the fun out of it! I was just wondering how all the other fiesta st drivers are doing out there!?!?!? I have only seen one other on the road but i kinda wave at him or her like a creeper and followed for an uncomfortable amount of time for him or her i am sure. The focus st movement is deferentially strong out there, was hoping fiesta st would catch on by now. I hope fiesta st owners have fallen in love with the little pocket rock as i have.

1) how is your fiesta st doing?

2) any st owners ( focus / fiesta ) want to do a meet on top of the parking deck next to the aquarium in the charleston harbor?

I love exclamation marks !!!!!!!!

And caps lock!

Love illiterate scoot


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