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I've been researching the boards and elsewhere about a problem I've had and haven't found anything similar. Thought I'd start a discussion to see if anyone else chimes in.

I have a TB 2014 Focus ST1 that I bought new in 6/2014. As I got closer to the warranty expiration (36k miles) I started noticing an issue with my power steering when I started the car. It basically wouldn't work for a couple/few seconds and then work fine. I brought it in to have it checked and sure enough, Ford couldn't duplicate the problem. Fast forward a year later and the steering completely fails. I bring it in (different dealer) and Ford tells me I need a whole new rack. Not covered under warranty. I argued as hard as I could about this since I told them that it was failing during warranty period, but it was no use. They offered about $550 off of the $2,000 cost and wouldn't go further. I even brought it to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office and had them intervene, but still to no avail. The letter I got from Ford was infuriating in how it recommended that I bring future Ford products (ha!) back to the dealer during warranty so they can help me. I refused to pick up the car from the dealer for a couple months but finally relented and got it.

Now there's a new issue, and this is the weirder one. When I take slow-speed right turns, it'll brake so hard that it makes me lurch forward in the seat. My foot will be completely off of the brake when it does this. The other day I had sport mode engaged and I think it actually locked the inside wheel during a particular right turn. My theory is that there's a steering position sensor issue, or maybe some kind of system calibration that had to performed that wasn't. I'm sure if I take it back to the dealer, they'll consider this a new issue (their repair was done early last fall) and charge me as such. I also have no confidence in them to figure the issue out anyway. Anyone have ideas on this one or a similar experience?

Frankly, I'm really disappointed and disgusted with Ford after this issue. It doesn't seem to be a widespread issue with my car (at least my year) but I feel that the way they treated it was completely unfair. I still like the car, but have a tough time justifying another Ford (even though I love the RS!).
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