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So I had my brakes done yesterday, went with Hawk HPS, & new stock rotors by the dealer... (yeah I know but I'm in a condo and don't have the tools or space) Anyway I drove to a spot where I could do the brake-in... the fronts looked ok but the backs had a spot about 1 cm or maybe half inch from the middle of the rotor that looked like the pad wasn't contacting fully...

so I followed the Hawk bed-in/burnishing process, got the fronts hot enough to stink and smoke... they looked good but the rear left cleared up like the fronts more or less and the center bit looks normal now but the right rear still looks the same... is this to be expected and will dissipate in the next few weeks or is something messed up?

I did another bed-in cycle today but not sure I got them hot enough and they look the same

it seems to brake straight after a couple of the stops and only has a minor squeek from the rear a little when doing a slow rolling but harder stop.. so not bad... I do have winter tires on and the roads are a bit dusty so maybe the rears are having a problem bedding in as a result

Oh and don't mind the state of my winter rims...they are nasty from snow and road grime and rashed up a bit from someone borrowing my car and curbing grinding them :(
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