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I'd like to remove the piece of trim surrounding the boot cover in my 2015 ST, but haven't been able to find any "How-To"s for the newer trim style. I need some tips for getting this trim out without breaking it. Has anyone done so, maybe to install a short-throw shifter or to replace the boot cover? I just want to hard-wire my radar detector :(.

Edit: So I finished the hard-wire installation last night, and I feel compelled to leave advice for those who come here down the road.

I used a blendmount a hard-wire kit, along with a fuse splitter and some soldering, to set my Passport 9500ix up in a nice and tidy fashion. You'll find plenty of other threads here describing exactly how to rig that in the 2012-2014 models, but the center console disassembly is a bit different for the 2015s.


I set the smart-cord button to the top right of the shift knob, just above the little cubby. To run the smart-cord button from the fuse box in the passenger foot well to this spot, there are two trim pieces you'll have to remove.

1) Lower passenger-side center console access panel
2) That bastard U-shaped trim piece around the shift knob

Removal of the first piece is pretty similar to the previous models. Remove the small rectangular piece by popping out the right side (with great difficulty), then pull to the right to get the left side. Next, pop out the plastic holding screw (again, you'll feel like you're breaking it), to free the larger trim piece. Finally, grab the right edge of the large trim and pull right and up to remove it. It is secured by left-facing hooks along the top that will offer little resistance, and two stubborn clips at the far left side.

For the U-shaped piece, start at the lower left corner and pull up until it pops. Work up and to the left, pulling the piece up and towards the back of the car. This side of the U should come free with relative ease. The right side is the hard part. Pull up, hard, on the bottom right corner. The anchor on the lower right side of the U is vertical, so pulling towards the back of the car won't do much good. Once that is free, the only piece hanging on should be the top right of the U. For this one, pull towards the back of the car again, it should come loose with some wiggling.

The rest is easy. Just use some floss and a weight to run the wires from the button down behind the the remaining panel into the passenger foot well. The rest matches other guides, connect the ground to the frame, throw in a couple zip-ties to hold things in place, and run the other wire behind the glove box, shove it behind some trim, then behind the door moulding and up to the top!
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