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If it is hard for you to choose the right set of custom wheels from the plethora of options offered by the aftermarket, you have to ask yourself, what inspires you the most, what is so special about your car, and how you can emphasize that using new rims. For those who feel nostalgic about touring car racing era of the `90s, we can offer a perfect selection of light-alloy wheels by Fifteen52 which was inspired by the minimalist, toned-down look of touring and rallying cars of that time.

With more than two decades of experience, Fifteen52 have mastered the designing and manufacturing processes to create perfectly balanced, strong, and durable wheels that feature a reduced weight at the same time. Introducing the Super Touring Series of Fifteen52 wheels consisting of Podium and Chicane models available in Frosted Graphite, Asphalt Black, and Speed Silver finishes. Check out our video review to learn more:

FIFTEEN52® - PODIUM Frosted Graphite

FIFTEEN52® - PODIUM Speed Silver

FIFTEEN52® - CHICANE Asphalt Black

FIFTEEN52® - CHICANE Speed Silver

If you have any questions about fitment and available sizes, ask our specialists at 888.978.3395 or via a live chat at​
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