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RH Motorsports liked the look of the Matech GT1 so much, they bought all of the company's molds, engineering and complete bodywork for its GT3 race car. With that already-developed knowledge, RH plans to manufacture 20 turnkey, street legal GT1-S cars.

Prototypes of the GT3-S (white in photo above) and GT1-S (silver) were rolled out recently at the annual Ford GT rally at NOLA Motorsports.

The RH crew is teaming up with GT Guy LLC for the build. They will start with a run-of-the-mill(?!) Ford GT and widen the front track four inches. Buyers of the GT1-S will be treated to carbon fiber and Alcantara inside and will have a choice of three engines underhood. If 600 horsepower is enough, the first option is your choice. If not, there's a supercharged 5.4-liter that cranks out 760 hp or a twin-turbo worth 1000 hp.

Current GT owners will be able to pick and choose from both cars' option lists to customize their own cars. The press release (read it below) promises more details – including pricing –soon.

click/press release:

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