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I emailed Ford PR department here in the U.S. I thought I would ask some questions. Here are the responses:

Can you confirm the Focus ST, and the Fiesta ST appearance at NAIAS?
NAIAS is always a great place to showcase our current show cars and products. At this time it is too early to discuss what cars will be there.

Will Ford be providing more information about the Focus ST? Such as, when it can be per ordered?
Yes, we'll be making announcements about Focus ST and key dates throughout the next year! Ford's social media channels are an excellent source for all product information.

Will Ford show another Focus ST color, besides the Performance Blue and
Tangerine Scream? At NAIAS?

Too early to discuss details surrounding NAIAS.

What will be the expected MSRP of the Focus ST?
still too early to discuss pricing

*As a side note, Ford has commented in the past that pricing will be competitive. Some blogs, and media has kicked $25,000 around. Which sounds reasonable for such as powerhouse.

Will there be any information about the Focus ST's Options and accessories?
Yes, stay tuned we'll have more information in the coming months

what will be the Focus ST's official release date for the U.S market?
Stay tuned we'll have more information in the coming months.

Will there be limited production of the Focus ST?
Chad, we normally do not discuss production numbers.

Can you confirm a production Fiesta ST for the U.S. and European markets?
Chad, I can not comment on any future decisions or vehicles

Can you confirm a 3-door Fiesta ST for the U.S market?
Chad, I can not comment on any future decisions or vehicles

After this interview I am officially on the list to receive information when it comes available.


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