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Hey guys,
I have a Focus ST 2012 (mk3) and I ran in a kind of a weird problem – I would be most thankful if anybody could give me some advice with it:

After my last visit to the service station, I had the following things done:
  • front suspension arms changed
  • camber adjusted
  • rear crankshaft oil seal changed (unsuccessful - turned out that the original one was ok but parts of the car including the battery were taken out and then put in again)

So, after all of that done I drove home and noticed the steering wheel resistance somewhat decrease. At first, I thought it was just me, but the more I drove the more I felt the difference. While parked I could "wobble" the steering wheel and it was very easy to turn especially on slight angles and low speeds.

None of the people I talked to (including the mechanics) could really spot a problem here either because they don’t have much experience with ST, or they couldn’t spot it without spending much time with the car.

So, at some point I thought it might be an electronics-related issue. I showed the car to the "electronics" guy on the service station, he plugged his computer and could not really find anything unusual. In the end he just rebooted the steering wheel configuration or adaptation setting (I guess that's how you call it) and surprisingly it worked. So basically, I had to put in the noticeable force to turn the wheel again and the wheel itself firmly tries to get back to the position you are turning it from. Overall, the sweet resistance and the “notion of firm control of the car” was back compared to the feeling of a wobbly joystick before.

It was all good before I took my next ride a week later to change the tires, and after such a simple operation the steering wheel started to feel not “wobbly” but lighter again. The irritating feel of a very light joystick returned however it seems the “wobbling” is not there – it just feels lighter, especially at low speeds. The issue seems to disappear with the speed increasing and the standard wheel adaptation kicking in.

So, it seems to me that the issue is electronics related but I can’t say for sure, especially after the “electronics” guy could not spot anything unusual. I’ve learned that MK2 had a steering wheel mode switch between “comfort” and “sport” but the MK3 doesn’t seem to have something like that.
The issue is not critical – I can drive the car, but it’s rather irritating and driving does not seem that fun with a lighter wheel overall.

So to mention:
  • I am driving the car since 2014 so i am pretty sure i am not paranoid and something has indeed changed. Considering what i wrote above it went throw three stages: 1) normal 2) lighter + wobbling 3) just lighter (or at least the wobbling is not that noticeable now)
  • The car is not tuned at all, the new suspension arms are not the original ford parts but that’s about it.
  • English is not my native language so I might name some things the wrong way and some of the description might be obscure
  • The mileage is around 80k km (around 50k in miles)

Maybe some of you experienced symptoms like that or know what I should check (or at least how should I explain the issue to the service station guy) I would be forever grateful as I don’t really know what to do, except trying to look for the issue on the same or some different service station.

Thank you all in advance for any help.
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