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Superchips SCR for the Focus ST is a tuner/programmer, monitor, data-logger, and trouble code reader all in one! Makes more power than most other programmers on the market. No stages, no special tunes for hardware changes. So far, one "good" tune does it all!

Superchips has tested their Focus ST tune on a stock ST, an ST with an upgraded FMIC & BOV, and an ST with FMIC, BOV, and air intake....all with great results! With these few mods, Superchips is making more hp and torque than some "Stage 3" combinations.

Soon to be tested with be the addition of Cat-back and Turbo Back exhausts with their tuning.

Buy one tuner, no fuss, no muss...just fast! Superchips SCR 8040 now available at New Edge Performance

Link below;

Superchips 8040 SCR Tuner for 2013 Ford Focus ST

Tony D
New Edge Performance
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