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A number members of the Ford ST Nation have made an investment in Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2, Pro Race 1.3, and Pro Forged wheels, purchased from Perfect Circle Autosport. In many threads, pm's, and conversations every attempt has been made to address any and all questions about Team Dynamics wheels to allow for full confidence in any decision to purchase.

Anyone who has called, emailed, or pm'd Perfect Circle Autosport will confirm there are no limitations to the questions asked and answers provided, and not just about wheels. To fill in some gaps in regards to a comprehensive view of Team Dynamics manufacturer, Rimstock Plc, I thought it useful to view the linked Corporate Profile pdf file from Rimstock. 2014 Corporate profile. Please take the time to look into the information, as I am sure you will find out why Perfect Circle Autosport has worked hard to give support to Focus enthusiasts and provide access to some of the highest quality manufactured wheels available.

Any questions/other, please ask here, pm, email [email protected], or call 507-721-3141.

Enhance your automotive experience and performance with Perfect Circle Autosport.
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