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For those wanting to upgrade from stock or you want to use your stock wheels for winter and want wheels for your summer tires, Perfect Circle Autosport has Team Dynamics wheel options for you.

Take for instance the Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2S in matte black with yellow stripe on the Mountune Fiesta:




Here is the Pro Race 1.2S in black with red stripe on a couple of Steeda Fiestas:



Another Steeda Fiesta with Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels:


Here are a few Perfect Circle Autosport customer pics of their Fiestas and Team Dynamics wheels:

Pro Race 3




Pics from the web:

Pro Race 1.2 matte black


Pro Race 1.2 white

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Hello everyone,

I thought it appropriate to introduce and inform Fiesta ST Nation members about Team Dynamics wheels.

Team Dynamics is a division of Rimstock Plc, the largest OEM wheel manufacturer in the UK. The Team Dynamics brand consists of a variety of wheels for different segments of the world wide market. Team Dynamics wheels can be found from Formula 1 to Touring Car to a weekend racer and street enthusiast and everything in between.

Team Dynamics is heavy into the Touring Car class, most notably the British Touring Car Championship, where Team Dynamics Motorsport fields a 2 car in house race team which won the BTCC this year. In the past, off and on, Team Dynamics has been the sole supplier of Pro Race 1.2 wheels for the BTCC. Lightweight Pro Race 1.2 wheels are manufactured for the Spec Miata series. As well, Team Dynamics is the sole supplier of forged wheels for the Australian V8 Supercar series. Team Dynamics is a true motorsport division with decades of real world engineering and testing.

The popular Pro Race line of wheels are designed and engineered to be true track/street wheels. All wheels in this line have track R&D as well as CAD design, finite analysis, multi stage manufacturing processes, ect. The Pro Race 1.2 is the most popular wheel in the Pro Race wheel line. With deep roots in motorsport racing, the Pro Race 1.2 is a lightweight premium low pressure cast, heat treated and shot peened wheel, and is a true bang for the buck wheel. If you do your homework, you will find the Pro Race 1.2 is an excellent choice for dual purpose or street only use. I have been selling the Pro Race since 2009 and have yet to hear back from a customer with any problems. While no wheel is indestructible, the Pro Race 1.2 has been a very reliable, strong wheel and a sensible choice for all enthusiasts wanting to upgrade their automotive experience and performance.

Team Dynamics does not require a minimum wheel buy in. If you want one wheel, or a million and one wheels, you can order in any of the size/offset/PCD/and colors offered. Buy from available stock or spec order from the factory. ETA's range from 12 weeks for standard container shipping from the UK factory to the US warehouse, then ground shipping to you, or 6-7 weeks ETA's with DHL Wordwide Express 2 day air freight.

In the case of Team Dynamics wheels, you truly get what you pay for while not paying extra just for a name. You also know who is manufacturing your wheels, how they are manufactured, and where they are manufactured. These are not the typical far east branded wheels sold by shell companies who have no manufacturing facility and are a brand in name only. You only have to ask yourself if it good to know all aspects about the wheels you are buying as opposed to not knowing. Information allows one to have the knowledge to make confident choices. With Team Dynamics, there are no questions that go unanswered within a day or two.

For more about the company, take a moment to look over their corporate profile. View the divisions website here.

As an FYI for Fiesta ST owners looking to use their stock wheels for winter and the stock summers tires on a new set of wheels, the 17x7 Pro Race 1.2 weighs 17.3 lbs. the 17x7.5 weighs 18.1 lbs and the 17x8 weighs 19.8 lbs. The Pro Race 3 rally wheel is available in 15x7 with a weight of 15.9 lbs, and a 17x7 with a weight of 18.1lbs. These weigh favorably to the factory Fiesta ST wheel:

OEM Wheel specifications
Diameter and width 17 in. x 7.0 in.
Offset 47.5 mm
Backspacing 5.8 in. (149.5 mm)
Center bore 63.3 mm
Weight 22.5 lb. (10.2 kg)

The Pro Race 1.2 wheels have been a popular choice among Focus ST owners as well.

Note: Should you have questions, please let me know.
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