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Hello Everyone

Welcome to Ford ST Nation. The online community dedicated to the development of the ST brand. The Ford Focus ST is already comfirmed for next year. The Ford Fiesta ST is still in concept form, however there is speculation of a late 2012 arrival.

I realize that this place has a dull edge feel it right now, however, in weeks and months to come I will be investing more time and effort into creating this place into very functional community.

After a few weeks of development we have come very far.

Week 1 Week 3
week1_1153374.jpg week3_.jpg

This is a informative, all around discussion community. Where we share content and information to better ourselves.

  • To be able to get all information about the ST models in one location
  • To be able to have intelligent discussions
  • To help others with information they need
  • To create a family community with a sense of belonging


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Unfortunately nothing is set as far as an exact date. Order banks open in spring. Coming out later this year. That is all we know.

Welcome to Ford ST Nation
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