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Time for CJ Pony Parts May Giveaway. This month one lucky winner will get a Cobb Banner for his/her garage or office and another lucky winner will get a $100 gift card from CJ Pony Parts to use towards that next mod.

Same thing as before, you'll click the link below and have 4 chances to win one of two prizes. On your additional entries if you already follow us on Facebook, twitter and YouTube, all you will have to do is enter your username for twitter and YouTube and Facebook will automatically enter your information since the Like button will be grayed out for you. If this is your first time entering you will have to click the Like, Follow and Subscribe buttons as well as enter your usernames to be entered.

The most important entry though is the graphic in your signature. Without this you cannot finish the other 3 entry options. Simply click here (Edit Signature) then enter the code below into your edit window and save. Make sure you enter your Username so that we can confirm your entries and you are good to go. Rock the signature till the end of the contest and you will be in the race for one of these two prizes.

Copy and Paste what's inside this box and enter it in the Edit Signature section and save.
If you do it right this image should show in your signature box everytime you post.

That's it. You can post up in the thread afterwards to test and make sure your signature is working. Any question feel free to ask. Good luck to all that enter.

This is open to US & Canada ONLY!

Enter here for the CJ Pony Parts Cobb Banner/Gift Card Giveaway:)
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